The NIC working under DeitY, MCIT, Govt of India provides a wide variety of Services to Central Government and State Governments in e-Governance spectrum. The services are provided all over the country, from national to state upto district levels through the respective NIC centres which are functional at all these levels. The NICNET is the network backbone of NIC through which all services are delivered seamlessly. The infrastructure and technology frameworks are standardized and adopted in network and services.


The E-Mail policy has been announced by GoI which makes it mandatory for all government officials to use only official e-mail accounts of GoI (,,, etc.,) for all official communication. The NIC is official service provider of GoI for official e-mail accounts for officials working in GoI and State governments in country. This includes the defence forces. The e-mail services of GoI are centrally hosted at Data Centre in NIC, New Delhi in Cloud environment . Creation of e-mail accounts for states is delegated to the respective state units.

The NIC, Andaman State Unit creates e-mail accounts in GoI mail server for officials of A & N Admin, GoI offices located in A & N Islands and Defence forces serving in A & N Islands. For creating e-mail accounts and technical support or query, please contact rao.rn[at]nic[dot]in.

To download forms etc., for availing Messaging services from NIC, visit

Download :

  1. Application form for single e-mail account
  2. Application form for bulk e-mail accounts
  3. E-Mail policy of GoI

Video Conferencing

The usage of Video Conferencing (VC) has increased tremendously at GoI level in the past few years. The VC sessions are held regularly by various Ministries of GoI with respective Departments of State Governments in country at State Hqrs and District Hqrs levels. Most of the sessions are Multi Point conferences involving multiple locations in states. The NIC has multiple VC studios at NIC Hqrs and different Ministries of GoI and NIC state Units also have dedicated multiple VC studios at State Hqrs, mainly at Secretariat.

The VC Studios are established at the following offices in Port Blair.

  1. Conference Hall and Mini conference Hall at Secretariat, Port Blair.
  2. NIC office at GPOA Complex of CPWD, Ranchi Basti, Port Blair.
  3. High Court Bench of Kolkatta at Port Blair.
  4. Central Bureau of Investigation at GPOA Complex of CPWD, Ranchi Basti, Port Blair.
  5. Andaman Lakshadweep Harbour Works (ALHW), Port Blair.

Efforts are on to establish VC studio at NIC District Centre of North & Middle Andaman located at Lucknow Tehsil office. To book VC session from Port Blair with GoI or other VC studios in other states in the country and for any technical support or query, please contact rao.rn[at]nic[dot]in.

The list of VC sessions booked by GoI with A & N Admin and GoI offices in A & N Islands is available online at

Web Casting

The webcasting services are provided by NIC (Hqrs) for major events of GoI relating to Prime Minister, Cabinet ministers etc., at New Delhi and other locations in the country. The webcasting is done from the actual event location and freely available through Internet for public access.

The NIC, Andaman State Unit has facility to "Webcast" such events as and when they are conducted. For any technical support or query, please contact rao.rn[at]nic[dot]in.


The NIC provides Internet Connectivity to Govt offices in the country at national, state and district levels through it's offices located at all these levels. The connectivity is provided on the NICNET backbone which connects all NIC offices seamlessly. Long distance data circuits are hired by NIC from major telecom service providers in the country including BSNL to connect it's offices. At each level, local leased lines are established between the respective NIC office and the office of GoI / State Government through BSNL. This enables the Internet services of NIC to be extended to the Govt offices in the country.

NIC, Andaman has provided local leased connectivity between it's office at GPOA Complex, Ranchi Basti, Port Blair and around 40 offices of A & N Admin and GoI located in Port Blair. The connectivity is provided with help of BSNL, Port Blair as 2 Mbps data circuits. Around 1200 nodes in these offices avail the Internet services from NIC, Andaman.

The process for an office of A & N Admin or GoI office in Port Blair to obtain leased line connectivity from NIC, Andaman is as below :

  1. The concerned office will provide official letter to NIC requesting for connectivity indicating the exact location of the office.
  2. The NIC will submit the Application Form to BSNL, Port Blair on behalf of the office for feasibility of establishing leased line connectivity, as this will depend on whether BSNL has Fibre cable running in the location of the office.
  3. If Feasible, BSNL will provide a Demand Note indicating the cost of the leased line (recurring cost every year) as well as networking equipments that will be required to be procured by the office separately to terminate the leased line.
  4. NIC will examine the Demand note and forward to the concerned office.
  5. The office will make payment to BSNL as per demand note and simultaneously procure the networking items needed as per demand note.
  6. The BSNL will establish the physical leased line and in coordination with NIC will terminate the line and commission the leased line for operation.
  7. The BSNL will raise bills on yearly basis to the office for renewal of the leased line established, for which payment will be made by the office to BSNL.

Application form of BSNL, Port Blair Local Leased line connectivity Click Here to Download

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

The Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) is a security mechanism to authenticate electronic transactions (including e-mails) between any two persons. In the context of e-Governance , The Division of NIC viz., NICCA (NIC Certifying Authority) at New Delhi issues Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) to Offices of GoI and state governments and other agencies approved by Governments. The DSC's are issued by NIC through NICSI, a Govt of India enterprise under NIC. The DSC's are issued as Pen drives and can be easily configured and installed at the office. The NIC issues DSC's for all three types viz., Type-1, Type-2 and Type-3 and the charges for DSC vary accordingly.

To obtain a DSC from NIC in A & N Islands, following process is to be adopted by offices :

  1. Fill up the Application form for DSC, with signature, date and seal of Head of Office.
  2. Payment in form of Demand Draft for the amount, in favour of NICSI, New Delhi payable at New Delhi.
  3. Submit the above to NIC, Andaman State Unit in original.
  4. NIC will forward the same to NICSI, New Delhi.
  5. The DSC token will be sent by NICSI in sealed cover to NIC, Andaman State Unit which will be forwarded to the concerned office.
  6. The NIC officials will visit office and install DSC in computer system identified in the office. However, Installation of DSC requires Internet connection for online validation of DSC with website of NICCA at New Delhi. In case, Internet connectivity at the office is not reliable or slow, the system has to be brought by the office to NIC for installation.

Application form for DSC from NIC For details: Click Here

Virtual Private Network

Internet is basically a "Free medium and mode of Communication", by design cutting across networks, boundaries and nations. This design makes information available in Internet which can be accessed from anywhere in the world where Internet is available. However, this basic element of Internet also has "Security" issues. That is, Internet is not a “Secured” network by default and anyone can access (and change information available in Internet), which is not always desirable. For example, a government organization dealing in law and order or defence would like to make only some information available in Internet for free access by all but would like most other information to be available as a private network within Internet for a selected set of people only. This is accomplished with Secured access rights (like "User Name" and "Password") which we normally see in many websites like Banks. However, this may not be just enough for many organizations.

The most economical and secure method is to connect private networks over Internet at "Technology" level. The Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides this technology. The VPN concept is similar to a "Tunnel" or "Channel" within the Internet at network layer, which allows only authorized computers within the VPN to access and update critical data available in Internet. The VPN helps mobile users to connect to their corporate network from Internet securely.

The NIC provides VPN Services to Government officials to update their web sites and remote management of the servers hosted in NIC IDCs. They can also access Intranet applications over Internet. The VPN services are also used to access secure application under various E-Gov projects of Governments.

The NIC provides facility for Online receipt and processing of VPN requests from client organizations in Govt sector. Users can apply online for VPN services, receive VPN details and Digital Certificate and install the same in their own network in online mode.

For details, visit
VPN application form for Bulk users Click here

Domain Name Service (DNS)

NIC provides Website hosting services to organizations of Government at Central and State levels in India. Such websites hosted by NIC typically carry "" or "" tag as domain name. The domain names can also extend to other domains in India like .IN, AC.IN, ORG.IN etc... and generic domain names like .COM, .ORG, .NET etc...

Before hosting a website, the client organization has to "Register" domain name for he proposed website with NIC online. NIC is the exclusive registrar for GOV.IN Domain name. es. Please visit the site and follow procedures to register a domain in in GOV.IN.

At present, domain Name Registrations / Renewals under GOV.IN are offered by NIC free of cost and valid for specific periods (one year, two years etc) after which they have to be renewed online with NIC. The concerned organization is responsible for Renewing the Domain Names on time.

For details on Procedures to host web sites with NIC on the above domain names, please visit the following websites of NIC : , and

Please note that domain registration can be done by Govt organizations with NIC only in Online mode. The offline mode of filling up the domain registration form manually and sending to NIC for registration has been withdrawn.

Open Technology Group

The Open Technology Centre (OTC) is a Project, funded by DeitY, Govt. of India and implemented by NIC. The OTC office of NIC is located at Chennai and is spearheading identification and adoption of Open Technology in e-Governance applications and services of NIC for Central and State governments. OTC also functions as a National Knowledge Facility to provide Synergy in Open Technology Initiatives. OTC facilitates various knowledge-based Services & Products, National Infra-Structure facilities and In-house Capacity Building using Open Technology (consists of components like Open Source Software and Open Standards). This is facilitating e-Governance Services to reach vast majority of Citizens effectively.

Key Technology Services offered and supported by OTC are :

  1. CMS/Portal using Drupal.
  2. Database Replication using SymmetricDS.
  3. Database Migration from licensed DBMS systems to PostgreSQL.
  4. Single Sign on Solution using CAS.
  5. eForms using XForms.
  6. Verification Services based on 2D Barcode.
  7. Platform independent Digital Signature Certificate.
  8. Development & Staging Support for Open Source Applications using Virtual Machine.
  9. Capacity Building & Hand holding on Recommended Open Source Stack.
  10. Performance Tuning of Open Source Application Servers.
For details on each of these services, visit the OTC portal of NIC at

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to technology to Offer services by providers to customers through Internet in a cost effective and easy manner. Organizations which provide services to their customers through Internet typically spend lot of time, effort, money and manpower to maintain Servers in their data centres to manage software applications and websites. These are costly exercises and also face continous increase in maintenance cost over the years. Adding up “Licensing fees” for multiple users can prove to be very expensive for organizations.

The Cloud computing refers to "A type of Internet-based computing," where different services such as servers, storage and applications and services are delivered by service provider to an organization through Internet at minimal cost. The cloud computing relies on sharing computing resources provided by provider to customer. Organizations need not invest on any of these infrastructure requirements and can instead “Hire” cloud servers from providers and pay nominal charges to the provider and can significantly lower IT expenses.

In Government context, Cloud computing ensures optimum utilization of IT infrastructure in Government and speed up of development and deployment of eGov applications. The NIC has established the “Cloud Computing and Hosting” environment at National Data Centre of GoI at New Delhi to host applications and websites developed / managed by NIC and other organizations in Central and State Governments. The architecture encompasses a set of discrete cloud computing environments spread across multiple locations, built on existing or new infrastructure, following a set of common protocols, guidelines and standards issued by the Government of India. NIC’s cloud infrastructure is called as "MeghRaj".

The Cloud services are offered by NIC under MeghRaJ for two major categories :
1. Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a Service and Storage as a Service.
2. Virtual machines on demand, pre-configured web and data servers, multi-location cloud and secured infrastructure.

For details visit

Short Messaging Service (SMS)

NIC started offering SMS services to organizations in both central and state Governments since 2010 through the SMS gateway configured in the Network operations centre in NIC, New Delhi. NIC’s SMS services are cost based on usage charges by organizations. NIC provides the basic SMS services both ways

1. Sending data from software application or website to mobile handset which is referred as "PUSH" and
2. Upload data from mobile handset to the software application which is referred as "PULL".

NIC's SMS services are linked to the Email services of NIC that is you can send SMS through the e-mail accounts of NIC by creating “SMS Lists” which is similar to the "Distribution lists" of e-mail accounts. So, messages sent by e-mail will get converted to SMS and will be delivered to the mobile handset.

The NIC SMS gateway has the capability of handling SMS traffic of up to 5 crore in a day.

The WebSms application is developed by NIC for sending SMS from web to mobiles using NIC SMS gateway. It is secured Web application requires application User name and Password for entering into the System. The SMS GW user Id and Passwords are internally mapped to Application User Id and Passwords so that user need not remember the multiple complex User Name and Passwords. For each SMS user, a separate Sender-ID is defined, so that recipient knows that, SMS has been received from a particular known User. The WebSms Utility has been made generic, so that it can be used by any User department of Government using NIC services. The WebSms has following features

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