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    The NIC, A & N UT Centre is located at GPOA Complex, Dairy Farm, Port Blair. In addition we have district units at South Andaman district(Port Blair), Nicobar District(Car Nicobar) and North & Middle Andaman District(Mayabunder) to cater to computerization requirements of Govt. Offices located in the district.

    Facility Management Support (FMS)

    Sl. No Name Designation Email id Ext
    1. Shri. Saravanam Network Administrator 127
    2. Shri. R.C Vijay Kumar Field Engineer 127
    3. Shri. G. Mohan Kumar Field Engineer 127
    4. Shri. Ravi Ranjan Field Engineer 127
    5. Shri. Muthu Pandi Field Engineer 127
    6. Shri. Sanjay Kumar Field Engineer 127
    7. Miss. Y kalyani Help Desk Engineer 127
    8. Shri. Vivek Singh Field Engineer 127
    9. Shri. R Atish Field Engineer
    10. Shri. Sudip Kumar Das Field Engineer

    You can also contact us at the following address:

    State Informatics Officer,
    1st Floor, A Block
    General Pool Office Accommodation Complex (GPOA)
    Ranchi Basti,Dairy Farm Port Blair
    Andaman & Nicobar Islands