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The "Event Forum" is part of effort of NIC to reach out to Communities and Citizens beyond the Government domain, through Technology. The facility is provided by NIC to inform citizens of A & N Islands of Public-oriented Events and Programmes that are planned or have taken place recently.

The facility will be open for both Govt and Private sector but will exclude personal or family functions like marriages. Each user has to register once to be a "Member" of Forum and can then post materials online on News, Events etc., involving public participation and attach documents. The Forum is free of charge.

The NIC will moderate Forum to ensure that materials posted by members are not illegal, obscene, hurting,promoting a business entity etc.,

In Focus

Dr. S. RadhaKrishna District Institute of Education & Training (DIET) is functioning under A&N Administration to provide services to teaching community in A&N Islands. Click Here

This portal is planned by A & N Administration as an online system to facilitate entreprenuer to set up industries in A & N Islands. The portal will provide a transparent and easy interface for ease of business community, both in A & N Islands as well as mainland. Click Here

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